Gym Rules

  • Arrive early and stay late. Use designated areas to warm up, practice skills, cool down and mobilize.
  • Cheer, clap, and encourage others. Commit to the experience, and give others the gift of your presence and support as part of the community. Introduce yourself to those you don’t know, help out new members, participate in events and competitions, submit content to our blog/facebook, post on the community bulletin.
  • Engage your brain when you walk in the door. Be aware and respectful of your surroundings. If there is teaching going on stay quiet so people can hear and learn. If there is a workout going on, stay out of the way and off the equipment until your class begins.

    Do Not Drop!

  • Communicate! Your coaches are there to help you reach your goals. As perceptive as they may be, it is important to tell them how you are doing and to tell them if you notice someone else who may need help.
  • Care for the equipment, set up for workouts and put your gear away after use.
  • We encourage members to drop properly loaded bars with bumper plates for safety and performance reasons. Please refrain from dropping empty barbells and other gear such as kettle bells and dumbbells.