Member of the Month – Susan Walker

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As Rock Creek CrossFit grows, new members are joining us all the time.  People also tend to stick to their schedules, either AM classes or PM classes.

In order to help our athletes to get to know one another, we will be featuring one athlete a month in this spot on our website with a photo and a few questions.  Next time when you see them at an event, make sure to let them know you saw them on the site!


MotM - Susan Walker

 Athlete of the Month for August 2014:

 Athlete: Susan Walker

Age: 62

Birthtown: Arlington, VA

Current Location: Chevy Case, MD

 How long have you been a member at Rock Creek CrossFit?

I did an introductory class in April 2012 and was hooked even though I had never heard of a burpee and my squat was a sight to NOT see.
What’s your favorite workout and/or event you’ve done at RCC?

The Memorial Day “Murph.”
What do you like best about RCC?  

It is hard to narrow it down to one thing so I will take the liberty of mentioning three:

1)   The people.  Ame and Ian have created an awesome sense of family and community.  They make everyone feel welcome and important. The coaches and all the athletes are supportive and encouraging regardless of level or ability.

2)   The excellence that I think characterizes everything about RCC.

3)      The variety & challenge of the workouts.
Any advice you’d like to give new members or people who are thinking about


Just keep coming, set goals (even if one is to just keep coming!), and compete against yourself.

6 Responses to “Member of the Month – Susan Walker”

  1. Kellene
    Definitely one of the nicest people I have met at RCC!!

    • Susan
      Thanks, Kellene!

  2. admin
    Agree with you Kellene!

  3. Monica
    Susan, you are amazing 🙂

  4. Kelly
    Just saw this! Keep up the good work Susan, such an inspiration!

  5. Handra
    Agree! you are such an inspiration Susan!

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