IMG_7020The Mighty Masters program is designed specifically for the Masters age group (ages 50+). Our focus is on restoring and mastering functional movement patterns which equate to increased strength, endurance, balance, bone density and range of motion.

These classes are a small group training environment and meet twice per week. All workouts include extended mobility focused warm-ups and cool-downs. Strength and conditioning take place on separate days and are scaled to each athlete’s needs. This allows athletes to maximize focus on technique as well as recover from workouts appropriately.IMG_7292


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Arthur (age 69):
“The Mighty Masters have been going for close to a year now and I have seen remarkable improvement in strength and agility in everyone.  Speaking for myself, I have experienced significant increases in strength and stamina, sorely needed weight loss, and much greater flexibility.  And the chronic and nagging back pain that was part of my life prior to retirement is largely gone.
Trina has been a great trainer for our class.  While we all work the same program during our one hour sessions, Trina tailors each individual’s workout (age ranges from the 50s to the 80s with significant variations in strength, stamina, and flexibility) to maximize the results.”

Lucia (age 77):

“Trina has scaled the exercises to our abilities and needs. We do many of the CrossFit exercises, but with less intensity of the other classes. It seems to be working! I am slowly building up my strength. My posture has improved. I have new friends. And we go through the exercises in a relatively quiet atmosphere.”