Monthly Access Fees and Personal Training

Is there any investment more valuable than one that could potentially add high quality years to your life? Understanding the value of professional coaching before you begin is very important. It is also essential to determine whether RCC fits your budget! We offer a variety of services potentially suited to you. Each package is customized to include different levels of personal attention, group classes and individualized programming to ensure the best results possible for you. We do not sell Individual Group Sessions or Group Class Only memberships. While group classes can provide the cornerstone to a well structured training program, we have learned they must come as part of a larger coaching service that relies on a strong coach/client relationship. We are happy to sit down with you and explore a plan that fits your budget, schedule, availability, and most importantly: addresses your specific health and fitness concerns. If you value the personalized attention of a dedicated movement professional, we are interested in working with you!

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CrossFit Group Class Drop-in Policy

We welcome visitors from other CrossFit affiliates by appointment only, and ask that your current coach contact us beforehand. Please email ([email protected]). $25 visitor fee per day.


Preferred payment is through ACH withdrawal. We do accept Visa/Mastercard, but are obligated to add a 5% surcharge to all prices.