The RCC Difference

We don’t claim meaningless titles like “elite”, “world class” or “The Best”. Instead, we offer a professional coaching service tailored to address each client’s health and fitness concerns. As our long term clients can attest to: RCC is a great place to get and stay strong and fit! Here are some of the reasons we stand out:

   We hire full-time professional trainers and then continue to train them! All of our staff are dedicated career professionals in the strength and conditioning industry. They hold multiple industry certifications and are passionate about providing a high level of service. Our coaches regularly attend training seminars and we support them in doing so. We operate on a best practice model similar to health care providers.

•   Personal training and a coach for life. Every new client starts their journey with one-on-one personal training with a Mentor Coach. We offer a range of one-on-one coaching options as well as personalized program design, goal setting workshops and prehab/rehab sessions with in-house providers. All of our monthly membership plans include regularly scheduled personal training, allowing us to continually address our clients changing needs. We understand that in order to carry out our duty of care to our members the coach-client relationship must be the foundation of a lifelong process.

We start every client relationship with one-on-one instruction. When you come into RCC, we will help you determine whether we are a good fit for your needs and then schedule a series of personal training sessions with you to taylor your on-boarding experience. We work hard to ensure you get the specific instruction and attention to set you up for success, give you the time to listen and understand your concerns and motivations, and make sure that you gain an adequate understanding of the concepts and skills required to train effectively and safely. 

•  We cap our class size. Thats right, we offer small group classes capped at 12 athletes per coach. We strongly believe that if you are being charged for personalized attention, you better walk out knowing you got it!

   We don’t make you run with cars! Rock Creek CrossFit is more than just a name – it signals our love and commitment to the Rock Creek basin and national park. We work with Montgomery County Parks to maintain the area of parkland around the gym, which also gives our athletes direct access to miles of paved and unpaved mixed use trails, starting with a challenging 400 meter trail loop that starts right at our parking lot.

   We are a family gym with strong community ties. A large percentage of our athletes are also moms and dads. We have a nice childcare area as well as access to outdoor play. We offer strength and conditioning programs for middle and high school aged children. We are a Community Supported Agriculture drop-off point and regularly organize group buys of local and naturally raised meats and produce.

   Specialty seminars and classes. RCC coaching staff includes USA Powerlifting, USA Rowing and USA Weightlifting certified coaches. Members of our staff have interned with high level gymnastics, strongman, mobility and CrossFit subject matter experts to offer you the coaching and expertise that can truly take your fitness to the next level! In addition, we regularly invite outside experts and host seminars on a variety of skills and information. 

   We know our athletes have busy lives but we also know the importance of recovery.  Thats why we have teamed up with The Spot a certified massage therapy clinic to offer you sports massage right at the gym.   

These are just some of the things that make RCC stand out, and why our athletes are constantly improving in measurable ways. Come on in and see for yourself!